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At Green Street Tuition we offer a wide range of subjects at all Key Stages across all the different boards. This includes Edexcel, AQA and OCR.


Highly skilled Maths tutors who can not only help students struggling to achieve the results they know they are capable of, but can also give extra enrichment to students who find the maths being taught to them at school not challenging enough. Mathematics is a compulsory part of the curriculum that students should have a firm grasp of. This could be anything from SATS, 11+, to GCSE or A-level.


English is one of the most important subjects on the National Curriculum and one which many students struggle with. Whether your child is a reluctant reader and writer or an aspiring novelist, we can prescribe a needs-based English tuition plan. Our tutors are able to provide key skills examination boards look for in English assessments, coursework and exams, but they are also more than willing to push any student who is particularly gifted in English to go beyond what is expected from their age group.


Science doesn’t have to be difficult! Let our expert tutors help your child with their scientific understanding and cultivate a love for Science. Whether your child needs help with basic concepts or specific support towards GCSE or A-level Sciences, we can assist and help them to succeed.

Year 2 SATs & Year 6 SATs

Let our qualified tutors help your child get the best possible grade in their SATs

New KS1 – Year 2 SATs Tests from 2016

New Sats tests have been introduced in 2016 in English and Maths.

English will comprise of a four tests – Grammar & Punctuation, Spelling and two Reading papers.
Maths will comprise of an arithmetic and reasoning paper.

New KS2 – Year 6 SATs Tests from 2016

2016 saw new KS2 SATs tests in English and Maths with some schools being chosen to sit Science tests.


The reading test will be a single one hour paper (including reading time) with questions based on a selection of texts of 1800-2300 words with 50 marks (1-3 mark questions). Question types include multiple choice; ranking/order; matching; labelling; find and copy; short response, and open-ended response.


There will be three papers and calculators are not allowed.

A sample will take Science tests. There are different versions of the tests.
Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Grammar School 11+ entry preparation

Our specialist 11+ tutors will ensure that your child is prepared to sit their entrance exam with confidence. We are pleased to say we have been able to help students achieve places in several Grammar schools including Woodford County High, Ilford County High, Chelmsford (KEGS), Bexleyheath Grammar, Southend Grammar, Westcliffe Grammar.

There are four subjects that are tested for the 11+: Maths, English, Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning, but each test is different and the combination varies from school to school. We have a large selection of tutors who ensure students are fully up to speed with the requirements for the English and Maths tests, and help with preparation for the less familiar Reasoning tests.

7+. 11+ and 13+ Private School Entry

Fee paying places and scholarships to numerous Private Schools including Bancroft’s School, Forest School, Chigwell School, City of London School for Girls, City of London School, Brentwood, Dulwich College, New Hall School, Park School for Girls, The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School, Latymer Upper School, James Allen’s Girls’ School, St James Boys’ School, HAt Boost Education, we offer tuition for Science from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 4 (GCSE). We have highly qualified science tutors, who are up to date with the current science National Curriculum.

The New Grade 9-1 GCSEs Explained

New GCSE Maths and English courses started September 2015, and other subjects (including GCSE Science) will be examined Summer 2018.

The new courses are more challenging than ever, with all the exams set at the end of Year 11. There’s even a new ‘9-1’ grading system, where Grade 9 will be reserved for the very top tier of students.

A bit more detail

  • The first new exams for GCSE Maths and English will be in summer 2017. The new GCSE Science exams will start in summer 2018.
  • There’s no Foundation Level in the new English GCSEs — students of all abilities will take the same exams.
  • There are fewer course options in the new Science GCSEs. Most students will either take the new Combined Science course (worth two GCSEs) or three separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
  • Coursework and practical assessments play a much smaller part in the new GCSE courses — which means most of the marks are won or lost in the exams at the end of Year 11. No pressure.

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